Stat of the Day: Seattle the 14th-Biggest TV Market in U.S.

Since we’re all abuzz about the NHL possibly expanding to Seattle, why not give a neat little Seattle stat?

Of the top 15 television markets in the U.S., 12 have NHL franchises. The three that don’t? That would be ninth-ranked Atlanta, No. 10 Houston, and 14th-ranked Seattle. Atlanta, of course, is 0-for-2 in the NHL, and Houston hasn’t had a team but could in the future.

Therefore, Seattle would be the 12th-highest NHL television market should a team move there. Another good sign for the city, which looked primed to get a team for some time, and the dream came that much closer to becoming a reality on Tuesday when investor Chris Hansen proposed a privately financed arena in the city. The news reopened talks of Seattle being home to an NHL and NBA team.

The city has a good background in the NBA, of course, with the SuperSonics playing in Seattle from 1967 to 2008, when the franchise moved to Oklahoma City. The city has never had an NHL team.


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