Second Look: Orr, Lemieux, Gretzky press conference

It’s not too often you find a press conference that was enjoyable from start to finish and in the end, enjoyable.

You know how these things go nowadays. A few minutes of cliches and tongue-in-cheek answers and ‘they’re a good team’ or ‘he’s a good player’ and ‘just have to skate hard and get pucks deep’. Again, you know how it goes.

So this one was in the stark minority. Three hockey legends, a trio few would dispute as the three greatest living hockey players; Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Lemieux at the podium, taking questions from the press and reflecting on everything from their years in the game to where the game is now to which of the three was the greatest – which all three agreed the greatest wasn’t present in Gordie Howe, who passed away seven months ago.

You’d have thought the three were sitting around sharing drinks. They were laid back, gave answers directly, and didn’t hold back what they thought.

The respect the three have for one another is astounding, albeit not surprising. Their love for the game and optimism for the future of the sport was evident. All that was missing was Howe.


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