Capitals bring us into the interaction between T.J. Oshie and his dad following Stanley Cup win

Following the Capitals Stanley Cup-clinching win on Thursday, T.J. Oshie brought up his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, saying “he doesn’t remember a lot of stuff these days” but seeing Oshie win the Cup “will stick with him forever.”

The moment carried enough weight on its own. You could see how much it meant for Oshie to win the Stanley Cup with his father watching amidst his battle with the cruel disease that is Alzheimer’s.

The Capitals brought fans even closer with the video they released on Sunday, showing sound of Oshie and his dad on the ice following the game. Good luck holding it together.

Just an incredible moment. The parents play such a big role in the life of a young hockey player. It’s up to them to provide the support, from the financial (hockey is a very expensive sport to play) to the emotional (hockey can be a tough, unforgiving game). Without that, it’s hard to make it. That’s why these moments between players and their parents are my favorite piece of post-Stanley Cup content. Because when you play, your parents pour as much of their heart and soul into it as you do. Obviously what Oshie’s dad is going through just brings it to another level.

The video shows a moment between Ovechkin and his family, as well.

Everything about this video is great. The Capitals did a great job demonstrating how much this team, this title meant to Washington. Basically a seven-minute long oral history in video form. From the fan reaction, to Barry Trotz in the locker room, to in-game stuff, to post-game stuff. No easy task to put that all together into a few minutes and tell the complete story.

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