We’re Back

So why am I doing this?

Here’s a brief history of PuckWatching. I started it up a couple years back, got caught up in school and other things and it fell by the wayside. Rinsed and repeated another year later.

Well, now I’m out of school. I’m still busy as hell, don’t get me wrong. But maybe now I guess I have more of a plan. Bigger goals. Better vision. I don’t know. The time is also right to get started again, given we’re at the commencement of the hockey season; the World Cup of Hockey already underway, the CHL set to kick off this week, and less than a month away from the start of the NHL, AHL, and college hockey. In other words, everyone’s got that preseason pucks fever.

My hope is that this can be a place where hockey fans can go to get anything and everything hockey. And I’m not just talking NHL. I’m talking anything that involves a sheet of ice, a rubber biscuit, and a stick. That means the international circuit. It means the minors. I’ll give you college hockey, some CHL. Maybe mix in some Junior A. And of course, there’s women’s hockey, which in my opinion is the most grossly overlooked sport in our current media landscape – especially when you factor in its coverage compared with other female sports.

The game has never been in a better place. Hockey has never had a bigger following than it has now. More kids are playing. More fans are watching. The talent pool has never been so deep. We’re seeing not just players, but in some cases legit superstars, coming out of places like Florida, California, and Arizona. The top-end talent – i.e. Gretzkys, Lemieuxs, Messiers, etc. – may not be where it was in the 1980s and ‘90s, but there’s never been more players worthy of NHL employment.

I won’t be breaking any news (at least not yet, that is), but there will be plenty to see. You’ll see things you couldn’t find elsewhere, you learn things you hadn’t previously known. There will be analytics thrown in there. I’ll throw some stories your way. I’ll give my opinion (trust me, I’ve got plenty of them). But it’ll all be in moderation. There’s enough places on the internet that corsi-out its visitors or numb their minds with hot takes. You won’t find that here (especially takes).

I love this game, have since I was a little kid. My first career aspiration was to be the next great Bruins defenseman, but this is the next-best thing. The game has everything a fan craves – drama, suspense, speed, skill, pace, camaraderie, physicality. That passion will come out through this site. And hopefully it will bring out the passion for the game in all of you – whether you’re a lifelong fan or just got hooked on the game a few days ago.

And that’s why I’m resuming my work on this website.